What We Offer

The challenges our customers face are diverse.  DAMRON has the business expertise and resources to meet our customer's needs.
Company Overview
DAMRON Corporation has over 35 years of  High quality performance as a manufacturer
and distributor of a variety of tea products.  The company supplies tea to the world's largest quick service restaurant and world's largest retailer, as well as private label and company brands.  Recently, DAMRON entered the contract packaging arena and now specializes in packaging solutions and logistics under the name DAMRON Packaging and Logistics Group.
About Us
In 1985, DAMRON Corporation began manufacturing premium quality tea sourced from the most famous
tea growing regions in the world.  More than 35 years
later,  DAMRON is a leading provider of tea and
specialty goods receiving numerous awards for quality and taste.  With over 80 years of experience in manufacturing, tasting, blending and packaging, our Tea masters can guarantee first pick of the very best teas from across  the globe.